From Carolyn Seitz/Sheriffs

Just in case you think the sheer number of burglaries isn’t enough, here is information on a very brazen incident that occurred last night at Pepper and Glen Canyon . . . Thanks to Pasadena PD and the Altadena Sheriffs Deputies, there was a good outcome. Carolyn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Unfortunately, last night we became a victim of these thefts. A 15 year old hispanic male came inside our house sometime between 11 and 1 AM, took my wife’s keys off the entry table and then stole her car right out of our driveway. They had to drive between two other cars in the small circle drive and then over our lawn to get out onto glen canyon. Usually we are in bed much earlier, but last night I stayed up to watch coverage of the La Canada fire and made it until 11 then went to bed. Our dog was not awoken as we sleep at an end of the house pretty far from the front door and she was in there with us. She woke up when the Sheriff knocked on the door at 1:20 AM. The car had been located a few miles away and the kid driving it apprehended by Pasadena PD over near Howard and El Molino. He told the police he had permission to be driving the vehicle at the time, totally lying to the police while in handcuffs. In executing some good police work, they had pulled him over because he looked out of place in the car and/or was driving erratically. The Sheriff escorted us down to pick her BMW up from Pasadena PD and I must say all of these good folks were nothing but kind, helpful, understanding and wonderfully competent. The car suffered some front quarter and right side damage and my wife’s GPS and Bluetooth speaker system were both gone. Please adjust this as you see fit for distribution and for heaven’s sake lock all your cars and doors and windows so no-one has to go through what we did from 1 to 4 am this morning.