Here’s a link to Vroman’s blog about my show there, Art in the Stairwell. Please come to the reception Saturday, Oct. 11, 11am to 1pm, during Pasadena Artwalk! http://bit.ly/1tic0Z7

Here’s a link to my coverage of the event for Pasadena Now…

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Congratulations to Sandra Thomas, the Town Council, and Altadena!



It’s happening this Saturday. Art on Palm and the Doo Dah all in one day…whew!



Thanks to Catherine Cowles for sending me the info on this wonderful show.

ART ON PALM, April 28, 9:30 – 5:30
For one day only artists and artisans will exhibit their work at the 14th bi-annual Art on Palm, held Saturday, April 28, 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. in a secluded canyon garden of Altadena, at 1419 E. Palm Street, Altadena, 91001.
The one-day-only show and sale features ceramics, collage, drawings, encaustic, fabric, fiber, glass, jewelry, paintings, photography, watercolors and woodcarving and turning, Participating artists include: Stephanie Anderson; Julie and Rick Ayres, Karen Bagnard, Charlotte Barnard, Erica Batchelder, Evan Chambers; Catherine M. S. Cowles, Ellen Dinerman, Mary Jane Elgin, Elisa Goodman, Bill Haskell, Lynn Hendricks, Jim Heuston, Beverly Jones, Debbie Lawrence, Ron Lawrenz, Debbie Lawrence, Ron Lawrenz, Susan Loraine, Betsy Miller, Dana Sue Miller, Katherine Nakazono, Lucia Pasquinelli, Detra Prete, Cathy Reichel-Clark, Anne Sears, Maryrose Smyth, Kathy Spear, Kathleen Swaydan, Nancy Unruh, Dominique Vialar, Anna Vosburg, Tris Wasserman, Lys Wilcox, Bruce Wilson, Kaylie James Wilson, Stephen Woodruff, and Lucia Yang.
Encircled by ancient oaks, the canyon setting for Art on Palm is a restorative venue for guests and a stunning backdrop for the artists’ works. According to the event’s co-producer Mary Jane Elgin, “Art on Palm achieves many goals. It selects exceptional artists whose beautifully-realized works attract a discerning clientele to a foothill canyon of remarkable beauty, supports our local economy and raises funds for the West L.A. Fisher House.”
Since 2006, Art on Palm artists have donated a portion of their sales to this organization; which provides humanitarian support for hospitalized military personnel and their families. “The West L.A. Fisher House acknowledges the generosity of the Art on Palm artists. For the past five years, their contributions have helped to provide much-needed and much-appreciated humanitarian relief to members of our military and their families at the West Los Angeles Fisher House. We look forward to their continued support for this vital community”, commented Tim Byk, Founder/Executive Director, West L.A. Fisher House Foundation. For more information, please visit http://www.westlafisherhouse.org.
Admission and parking are free. Light refreshments are available.


The sheriff’s department is reporting a high number of thefts of Silverado tailgates. Why?

From Carolyn Seitz:

Wednesday, an Altadena family suffered the loss of their child, a beautiful 3 year old girl named Katherine, in a tragic accident.

It is devastating for them and it was for the Altadena Sheriff’s Deputies and Captain McLean who arrived on the scene shortly after the accident occurred.

This family does not have the means to pay for a funeral for their daughter and Captain McLean, the leadership team at the Altadena Station, and the Deputies are asking for your help.

You can help in one of three ways:

Drop money off at the Altadena Sheriff’s Station and tell the person at the desk it is for the fund for Katherine.

Go to the car wash being planned for Saturday, July 2 at 11 am at the Carl’s Jr., 790 North Lake Avenue in Pasadena

Go to Wells Fargo Bank and make a deposit to the fund for Katherine’s funeral.  Here is the info:
“Katherine Lopez Donation” Acct #73-21253424

Any help will be gratefully appreciated by this family.

This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Having seen more plays than I can count as a  professional reviewer for 16 years, it’s still a thrill to attend a show that profoundly stirs your heart and soul.

Michael Bonnabel does just that in his solo performance The Good Boy playing at LATC through May 22. Bonnabel, directed by Darin Anthony, pulls you into his bravely open, honest and emotional story of his unusual family—four hearing children who take on extraordinary roles because of the limitations of their deaf parents.

He signs some segments of the show, including his opening song, so it’s clear from the start you’re in for something special. His Danny Kaye-like qualities infuses his narration with vulnerability as he plays his deaf parents, himself as a child, his siblings and a few other memorable characters in the 90 minute show set mostly in the 1960s.

There’s not an empty, wanting moment in his performance—that feels more like a satisfying chat in his family’s living room. He clearly delineates his characters with charming, infectious detail and in the end shows home movies so we can see the humans of his affection for ourselves.

For those of us in the Pasadena area, the local references make the performance even more personal.  Aiding the impact of each emotional beat is the production team of set designer John Burton, sound designer Sloe Slawinski, and lighting designer Brandon Baruch. Their work enhances each emotional beat of Bonnabel’s rich tale.

Now stop reading and buy a ticket! I was delighted to see not only his performance full on opening night, the three other shows at LATC were bustling, too. In fact, downtown was hopping like it was Art Walk night. Go experience a life affirming love story.

Show is signed on certain performances. Performances are at 8 pm Thurs-Sat., 2pm Sun. LATC, 514 S. Spring St., L.A. 866-811-4111 http://www.thelatc.org

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The Wedding Cake, or Beckman Auditorium, is the site of today’s TEDxCaltech. Saw Larry Wilson of the Star News at lunch–he’s soaking it all up and thrilled that this is happening in his hometown.


Even ed begley made it…sort of


Richard feynman gave a talk at caltech 50 years ago that revolutionized science in many ways. Tedxcaltech posts homage his incredible mind and entertaining personality. See his van and hear the music of Tuva (A feynman favorite) this afternoon.

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