I got mine in, have you?

From Molly at Walt’s Photography:

Thank you for those who have dropped off your cameras!

I had extended the deadline to Aug 15th hoping that would give people some more time to drop their cameras off. If you don’t bring your cameras in by Tue Aug 18th you wont be able to take part of the show!

There is a slot in the door of PHOTOGRAPHY BY WALT so you can drop it in during off hours attached to your INFO SHEET.

We are open Tue-Fri 10:00-5:30 Sat 10:00-4:00. (If you lost your info sheet we have them at the studio!)  
Show is Sept 5th in the Alley by Steve’s bike shop from 5:00-10:00. A night filled with fine art activities, food, and music!

Can’t wait for Sept. 5!