Currently 350 acres burned and 400 firefighters are on the scene. Here are updates from area listserves.

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To all neighbors and other Altadena neighborhoods

At 11PM, about 100 homes are being evacuated as the
100-acre wildfire in the Angeles National Forest
creeps closer to foothill neighborhoods in Sierra

We are lucky (so far) that the winds are not picking
up. Of course that could change.

Firefighters hope to have the fire contained by
Sunday, according to Elisa Weaver of the Arcadia Fire

I found the best breaking news at KFWB:


CBS 2:

Alice Wessen
Moderator, Chaney Trail
President, Chaney-Millard Fire Council
— Gaboon <> wrote:

> 11:57pm
> Dear Altadena Neighbors,
> I just spoke with our own County Fire Station 12 to
> get an update on
> the Sierra Madre / Chantry Flat fire burning east of
> us. From our
> ridge we can see the orange glow of the fire and
> feel the
> intermittent wind shift this way.
> Our fire station is well aware of the fire and on
> alert status. I was
> concerned about bothering busy fire personnel;
> however, they were
> appreciative of the call and pleased that our
> neighborhood wants to
> be informed. It was recommended that I call Sierra
> Madre Fire Dept.
> Dispatch for the most current news to share with
> you…
> Sierra Madre Fire Dispatch said that the fire is
> currently burning
> just above Sierra Madre. A portion of the fire
> caused an evacuation
> of Chantry Flat earlier in the evening. The historic
> pack station and
> horses there seem safe at the moment, but the fire
> has already burned
> over 100 acres and is not contained in any
> direction. The fire is
> currently wind driven and burning slowly in a
> Southwesterly
> direction. She said that a mandatory evacuation
> order is about to be
> issued for homes just below and to the Southwest of
> the fire. Though
> the fire is burning slowly, there is concern about
> wind increasing
> later tonight. No water dropping aircraft can attack
> the fire until
> morning.
> For the Chaney Trail Neighborhood, there are Fire
> Safe Council reps
> who will keep a weather eye out and call if any
> imminent danger
> develops, even late at night. I’ve spoken with Alice
> Wessen, our
> listserve moderator / Fire Safe Council rep. She
> will be vigilant and
> alert other Fire Safe Council members as necessary.
> Outside the Chaney Trail Neighborhood, please
> forward this to your
> own Fire Safe Council and neighbors, as you think
> best.
> While there is no immediate danger, this might be a
> good time to be
> aware of your fire preparations. Consider this a
> practical rehearsal.
> That’s all the news I know at this time.
> Stay Safe,
> Lori