Did you catch the eclipse tonight? No point in posting a photo of mine — can’t tell the diff between a lampost and the moon. Better off to check out shots at nasa.gov instead.

 Here’s a notice about a Zocolo event…


Zócalo at The Skirball

Tuesday, February 26, 7:30 pm at The Skirball Cultural Center

Zócalo and the Los Angeles Times Editorial Pages Present

Hollywood’s Labor Turmoil: “What Caused it, and What Happens Next?”

Moderated by Jon Healey of the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board

A panel of industry insiders and expert observers—David Ginsburg, professor of Entertainment and Media Law at UCLA, Aaron Mendelsohn, from the Writers Guild of America West, Los Angeles Times columnist Patrick Goldstein, and more TBA—will dissect the lengthy strike by the Writers Guild of America, offering their views on the forces that made this contract such a high-stakes battle. Why were the studios and the writers willing to accept such a long and costly work stoppage? Why was the Directors Guild able to reach a deal so quickly? Most important, how might the Internet reshape the entertainment business in a way that affects the studios’ relationship with writers and other talent?

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