Not exactly Altadena, but we all love puppets! My husband worked with the incomparable Jim Henson, as did my pal Lizzie, and friend Michael Earl, who was Mr. Snuffelupagus. If you ever wanted to learn how those muppets work, and would like to create some yourself, Michael can teach you how!

“Let me teach you, what Jim Henson taught me!” Michael Earl

Michael Earl’s TV Puppetry Workshop – Hollywood

Emmy Award-winning puppeteer, Michael Earl (formerly Mr. Snuffleupagus on Sesame Street) will be teaching Muppet-style puppetry in Hollywood at Acme Comedy Theatre beginning Saturday October 20th. Past students include the who’s-who of TV and film puppet performers. (Who I Teach ) You will expand your acting and improv skills by learning a proven technique in a 6-week on-camera workshop that culminates in a multi-camera taped performance. The fee is $300 for 6 three hour on-camera classes. Space is limited to 12. For more information on Michael Earl or to reserve your spot, please visit: