I doubt many of you are blogging today, but we’re doing our Thanksgiving a little differently this year.

It’s been such a busy time the past few months with my work deadlines, and my husband considering a job change for several months and then making it this past week! I also had a writing conference in St. Louis and then met up with Steve in Orlando for IAAPA, the major theme park convention of the year. It was a huge success for his new company so he’s now engineering some fabulous new rides that you’ll see in parks in a couple of years. So while in Orlando we had to do “research.” That meant Kennedy Space Center’s new shuttle launch ride, Universal, Disney World and Epcot in three days. My head is still spinning. Didn’t care much for Disney World, but I love the expanse and etherial quality of Epcot.  We had a luscious dinner upstairs at the Bistro in the French Pavilion.

So with all that, there wasn’t much time for Thanksgiving preparation. And I came home with a sinus/cold thing, so I could barely get through the grocery store. So we’re taking it easy today, gearing up for a small gathering on Saturday instead. It’ll take that long to get the house together since we’ve also been remodeling a bit even with everything else going on.

So I’m thankful this year for the time to relax, to walk our dog Fozzy up Cheney Trail, the time to make some dishes in advance (Grandma’s rice pudding, pumpkin cheesecake and Swedish coffee bread), Steve’s amazing cooking talents, his new job, our sanity the love of friends and family.

 I want to send special thoughts and blessings to friend Susan who’s at City of Hope this holiday, to my mother-in-law who had her own health issue recently, and to yoga friend Helen, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  Cheers to all!