Alert Message has been issued by the LASD – Crescenta Valley Station, Los Angeles County Sheriff.

Tuesday December 21, 2010 10:17 PM PST

Vehicles in restricted parking areas will be TOWED at midnight due to poss. unsafe mudflow LaCrescenta Montrose

Due to the impending storm, if you have cars parked in the posted restricted parking areas, please remove them from the street before midnight, Tues, Dec. 21., or they will be towed.

It is very important that the streets be cleared of vehicles so that they are not possibly swept away and damaged, or damage other property.  Also so emergency equipment can pass through the area whenever possible and continue our dedicated and coordinated effort to protect lives and property.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Captain David Silversparre
Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department


Got the announcement this afternoon that Altadena’s head sheriff is blowin’ town.  Here’s his official email, complete with his signature statement:

The purpose of this email is to advise you that I will be retiring from
the Sheriff’s Department effective March 31, 2010.
You are a great group of folks and it has been an honor and privilege to
have served with you as part of the LASD family.
Thank you for allowing me to share this part of my life with you.


In order to be a Great LEADER, one must first learn how to FOLLOW.

Adopt the VISION, press toward the MARK, and  your path of LEADERSHIP
shall be clear.

More details and I’m sure a helluva party to come.

Sorry for the late post. Sheriff’s are serving you tonight, and they’re not serving up tickets.

They’re serving dinner. Head to Equator, 22 Mills Place, Pasadena for some fun and benefit the Baker to Las Vegas ride.

The Altadena Sheriff Station Commander Captain Roosevelt Blow (still can’t get over that name, but I guess it beats Joe Blow) will be addressing the community starting at 7p.m. Tuesday night, January 29, at the Altadena Community Center. He’ll be talking about crime rates and other goings on we should know about in the neighborhood…The Altadena Station’s Support Group, Clergy Council, Community Advisory Committee and volunteer program will get some airtime as well. Come visit with your neighbors and hear what’s going on in the streets.