Here’s some info from the Sheriff’s Department.
There was also a story in the Star-News.

Many of you are aware that there was a shooting at Lincoln and Figueroa yesterday.

The shooting was gang related. (Two battling Bloods — Ed.)

One person was shot in the behind.

Three people were arrested, including the gunshot victim, who may have made an effort to discard a loaded weapon.

The combination of gang affiliation and weapons will likely add additional charges for all three of the people arrested.

The suspects were driving a vehicle that had been reported stolen and some had additional outstanding warrants.


The Altadena Sheriff Station Commander Captain Roosevelt Blow (still can’t get over that name, but I guess it beats Joe Blow) will be addressing the community starting at 7p.m. Tuesday night, January 29, at the Altadena Community Center. He’ll be talking about crime rates and other goings on we should know about in the neighborhood…The Altadena Station’s Support Group, Clergy Council, Community Advisory Committee and volunteer program will get some airtime as well. Come visit with your neighbors and hear what’s going on in the streets.