Here are some shots from the gallery this weekend. Michelle Mierz (of the Star News and Mickie’s Zoo blog) was out in her belly dancing glory to liven things up.

Thanks to all my pals who came to see the show. Doug and Debbie Smith, Brian and Cynthia Brophy, Rebecca Rasmussen, Jennie Webb, Lizzie Harding Wilkins, Ray Constantine, Frank Culbertson, Lillian Abel, Maria Spasoff and Paul Johnson, John Eide and Trish Carlisle, Lori Oshatz, Paul Ali and daughter Lily, and most of all, my aunt Jan who drove down from Oxnard with her friend Lillian.

Unfortunately my cold got worse as the night went on so I spent all of today in bed sounding like a foghorn.


If it’s March, it must be time for the next group show at GATEOTW!

Come out Thursday March 4 for the artist’s reception, Friday night for the infamous party, or Saturday/Sunday for brunch. It’s Altadena’s art party! I’ll be showing more scanography. Here’s a sample.  

© debbi k. swanson

Here’s the fab artwork for the next art bender weekend in Altadena. Leaving the image sideways for now, so you can read the details.


Group Show Dec. 3-6, 2009

Latest details from Ben:

Featured Artist- Kathi Oshima

Artists Include:
Cathy Tharp, Lauren R. Tharp, Bright, Joe feinblatt, Nancy Armitage, Richard Davies, Karen Sachs, Evans NJoroge, Todd Bank, Christian Velasquez, Rick Strieck, Christy Roberts, Matt Carter, Adrianne Walker, Jeannie Pool, Amber Bilow, Alex Scheafer, Joseph Stauffer, Peter Adamyan, Michael Gibson, Deborah Blanco, David Goldberg, Jeni Carle, Lisa george, Jeffrey R. Kibbe, Kathleen Swaydan, David Von Noppen, Eve Kessler, Dorette Amell, Dave Lovejoy, Johnny Fox, Ngene Mwuara, Kai Samuels-Davis, Matt Foote, Kristen “Blaze” Carley and Ben McGinty

Performances by:
Thursday- Crane Lake Serenaders
Friday- Wreck n Sow and Alamase Arabesque with drummer Rick Sarabia

Dj Radiant Child


The arts is really where my heart lies. Along with the environment. So I’m thrilled to see this is going to be another artfest at the Gallery at the End of the World. In fact, it’s Art Bender Weekend!
2475 N Lake Avenue, Altadena 91001
(626) 794-8779
June 4, 5, 6, & 7 daily from Noon-6PM as well as
Thursday June 4th 6-9PM, Artist Reception and Preview and Live Music
Friday June 5th Opening Reception 7PM-1AM ($5 cover) with Live Music
Saturday June 6th Potluck BBQ
Sunday June 7th Brunch

I’ll likely be there Friday, so hope to see you!