From Carolyn Seitz:

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works has released information on the storm expected to arrive in our area around 6 pm Friday, February 19.

The National Weather Service is predicting rainfall of 1 to 2 inches in the foothill areas between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, with a slight chance of thunderstorms Friday night and early Saturday morning that may produce higher rainfall amounts.

 The mud and debris flow alert reminds us all that we should anticipate that mud and debris may flow down the canyons below the burn areas, in the watercourses and streams. In Altadena, it means that there is still a potential for impact on Canyon Crest.

The County continues to prepare, and will be monitoring the debris basins during the storm, and as many of you are aware, will continue to clean the basins and inlets, before, during and after the storm. There is no evacuation anticipated for Altadena, except that the Millard Campground area remains closed. There are no road closures in Altadena except the existing closure at the Chaney Trail Gate.

As the agencies release updated information, I’ll pass along what is released. If you’re interested in seeing the mud and debris flow predictions – the “mudcast” as it’s being called, you can find the information at this location:

Greg Stanton has some shots of the flood in action this morning.

Here’s some more from AltadenaAboveitAll’s outing.

“I was in my house and heard this horrendous noise. I thought it was thunder. We looked down at the creek and saw the trees tremble and then fall down.”

That’s what my pals Bob Reid and Greg Downs who live on Canyon Crest said this morning as the water in the arroyo let loose, topping the sides of the banks and propelling rocks and boulders down the canyon.

Caught in the mudflow was Rueben Ruiz and Brandon Leon and his dad, each in different trucks. Ruiz, heading down the canyon, suffered the worst. His truck completely spinned sideways, into the Leon’s truck, mud covering his roof. Ruiz had to climb out of the passenger window, getting covered in mud himself.

“I have a house up at the top that I am restoring. I was on my way down and got caught. Had to climb out that window. I can laugh now.”

Take a look at the pix. What a mess. Even Univision TV showed up to document the event.

Posting one now, more later and some over on

My friends bob and Greg on Canyon Crest tell me the water has washed out the hairpin turn and the road is closed.

Here are their pix.

Bill Westphal says we’ve had nearly 2-1/2 inches of water since midnight.