Coulda used a camera on our walk this morning, and a few other mornings, as well. I’ll get more pictures up soon.

Altadena is such a mix of sensibilities you just don’t know what you’re going to see or find on any given outing. It could be the surprise of a neighbor creating an unexpected little seating area on the corner, with a potted flower beside a small bench. Or a series of stone piles being created, a new one every couple of weeks, in front of another house nearby. Then it’s a co-worker walking her dog and saying hi to one of the Nuccio Nursery wizards of azaleas and camelias.

Or it could be the ugly surprise of a used condom up on Chaney Trail. Eeeewwww. Or a speeding maniac without care for who or what is in the way. And you fear for the dog who’s gotten out and lost with no collar. But just then the owner drives up in a panic.

There’s the skunk you see racing up the road or into your yard — and your dog racing right into its spray.

One of my favorite sounds — and sights — is when I’m sitting in my living room and hear a clop-clop-clop and somebody on a horse rides by, inspiring all the dogs in the neighborhood to aria level performances. That just has to put a smile on your face.

And then there’s the quiet of sitting in our hot tub under the stars — and not a sound to be heard save my cat hunting in the bushes. That’s the magic of Altadena…