From Carolyn:

As of 11 am this morning, the County’s Unified Command has issued the following information in preparation for the storm event expected to affect the Foothill burn areas, including Altadena.

The Unified Command consists of the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.

WEATHER    Rain is expected to begin around midnight tonight and continue until 4 pm Saturday, February 27th.  Rainfall is anticipated to be up to 3 inches with the possibility of Thunderstorms that may produce rainfall at a rate greater than 1/2 inch per hour.

DEBRIS BASINS    The County Department of Public Works has many of the debris basis fully cleared and at 100% available capacity.   They believe that others that are not yet at 100% capacity have been cleared to the greatest extent possible and they believe the basis will have adequate capacity to accommodate this particular storm event.

ROAD CLOSURES    There are no new road closures expected for Altadena, except the existing closure at the Chaney Trail Gate.

MANDATORY EVACUATIONS    There are no announced nor anticipated evacuations for Altadena at this point, except that Millard Campground remains closed.  There are mandatory evacuation orders for portions of La Canada and La Crescenta.  A total of 244 residences will be under mandatory evacuation orders in those communities, with 85 of these in La Crescenta and the remainder in La Canada.   The mandatory evacuation order in these areas well begin at 4 pm today with evacuation completed by 6 pm.  All of the agencies are asking for mandatory evacuation orders to be honored for the protection of the residents and for the protection of all emergency responders.

INCIDENT COMMAND POSTS    are being set up today.  Los Angeles County Fire will set up a Command Post at Camp 2 by 3 pm and the Fire Department will have augmented staffing to respond if issues arise.  Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will have a Command Post set up at Descanso Gardens by 3 pm today and will also have augmented staffing in the area to respond to issues, conduct the evacuation and to protect the evacuated areas.  The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works will also be working in the evacuation areas and will continue to monitor all of the debris basins and intakes 24 hours per day.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION    is available at and information on anticipated rainfall, flooding, mud and debris flows is available here:

As always, stay safe and don’t forget to attend tomorrow’s Neighborhood Watch Conference at Loma Alta Park to learn more about ways you can protect yourself and your family.