What a lovely day yesterday. Rainy, cold, and gray. I know, but it’s gorgeous in contrast to the 100+ temps of late, the drought and just plain “ugh” of A“ugh”ust. Listening to rain all night long, falling steadily for the first time in months.


In Feburary USA Today said LA was on track for the driest year ever (6/30/2006-07). It’s been a brute since then. The fires have ravaged the city, Griffith Park especially, and mudslides along Forest Lawn Drive wiped out cars today as a result.


Brings me to the GW problem. That’s Global Warming. I sat in on the 50 Years in Space celebration at Caltech this week, and the information is staggering. Here’s one tidbit. For 400,000 years our cycles of ice/melt have been fairly steady, with C02 levels staying between 180 and 300 ppm. Since 1957, when levels started being recorded at Mauna Loa, C02 has steadiliy increased at such a rapid rate that we are now at 400ppm and rising — rapidly. And even with all the improvements we could make on creating greenhouse gases, the increase will contine for years. But, we can stop a SUDDEN climate shift that would be catastrophic worldwide. How? More to come…