KPCC is staying on top of things. Fire Dept. briefing at 10am and Gov. Schwarzenegger is being briefed by CalFire at the same time. Effort underway to protect the transmitters at Mt. Wilson and the Acton area.

Cruised around again, from Lake to the east to Glenrose to the west. Scary out there!

Pal Bob is in an evacuation area but hasn’t left yet. Access to northwest Altadena is blocked at many streets to allow the firefighters to work. Here are some more pix. The WhiteOut billboard is getting some unexpected attention. Where the hell is the TV coverage? Local news? On the weekend? Not when you need it! Stay tuned to our blogs!


The things people do…I’ve wanted to start a column/blog called What the Hell is the Matter with People, and this arson alert makes the first headline.

Thanks to Monica for forwarding this. I smelled the fire an hour ago at my house with many firetrucks screaming up the street in search of the latest blaze.

Dear Altadena Women’s Network,

This message immediately below went out about 4:45 p.m. today
(Saturday) to the Chaney Trail e-mail list.  Some of you may have seen
it already, but I wanted to pass it and the message below it along to
the others in the Altadena Women’s Network.

Monica Hubbard

—–  Forwarded from Chaney Trail list —–

There has been an announcement on USFS radio of a fire near Clear
Creek Ranger Sta., which is at the intersection of the Angeles Crest
and Angeles Forest Highways.  This is the first major intersection on
Hwy 2 in the Forest out of La Canada, I think ~9 miles by road.  The
location is perhaps 5 miles from Altadena as the crow flies.  Per
radio calls, there is apparently a witness to this fire being set by
another person.  Based on lack of further information, this would
suggest that an arsonist is at large within a few miles of here.
Apparently air support has just been called off this fire, likely
meaning that its remaining threat is considered small…but of course
there are plenty of other fires needing air support.
My personal assessment is that with the light rain starting and low
wind, there is no immediate threat to us, but that of course could
change quite quickly if Santa Ana wind conditions return.  It could
also change if another fire is set.


Begin forwarded message:

From: Gaboon <gaboon@sbcglobal.net>
Date: October 27, 2007 12:22:45 PM PDT
To: chaneytrail@yahoogr˜¢P° oups.com, act@fourpalms.org
Cc: Roosevelt Blow <rblow@lasd.org>
Subject: [chaneytrail] Arson in ANF today?
Reply-To: chaneytrail@yahoogroups.com

Rumor from reliable sources let us know that there is an arsonist
attempting to light multiple fires in Angeles National Forest today.

Please be extra alert and keep your eyes open for any suspicious
persons and fire to˜¢P° day. Report to the Sheriffs if you see anything of
concern and, of course, call 9-1-1 and/or the Fire Department should
you smell smoke or see any other indications there may be a fire.

Sheriffs: 798.1131
Fire Station 12: 797-1911

Please let neighbors who are not on the `Net know about this situation.