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The foothills changed every few seconds this morning to reveal new views, new surprises. All the photos on flickr were taken within an hour of each other.


Alert Message has been issued by the LASD – Crescenta Valley Station, Los Angeles County Sheriff.

Tuesday December 21, 2010 10:17 PM PST

Vehicles in restricted parking areas will be TOWED at midnight due to poss. unsafe mudflow LaCrescenta Montrose

Due to the impending storm, if you have cars parked in the posted restricted parking areas, please remove them from the street before midnight, Tues, Dec. 21., or they will be towed.

It is very important that the streets be cleared of vehicles so that they are not possibly swept away and damaged, or damage other property.  Also so emergency equipment can pass through the area whenever possible and continue our dedicated and coordinated effort to protect lives and property.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Captain David Silversparre
Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

The latest from Carolyn Seitz:

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works has released the following information and forecast.

For the Altadena burn areas:

RAINFALL Between 4:00 am Tuesday and 4:00 am Wednesday, rainfall is predicted to be 2.6 inches.

FLOODING, MUD & DEBRIS FLOWS Because of the possibility that the burn areas may already have reached saturation, the potential for flooding, mud and debris flows in and below the burn areas is greater.

It has been recommended that emergency response entities monitor certain areas of La Crescenta, La Canada/Flintridge, East Sierra Madre, and Altadena where the potential for mud and debris flows is greater.  Streambeds and water courses will be subject to mud and debris flows.

ROAD CLOSURES Road closures in the Angeles National Forest remain in effect.   The Chaney Trail gate remains closed.

EVACUATIONS The Millard Canyon Campground remains under an evacuation order by Angeles National Forest.

Additional information will be provided when available.

From Carolyn Seitz:

As of 4:00 am this morning, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works has released the following information about the current storm event.

For the La Canada/Flintridge and Altadena burn areas:

RAINFALL – The County has revised their prediction about the amount of rainfall anticipated between 4:00 am this morning and 4:00 am Sunday. The amount of rainfall now predicted is 2.2 inches As a result of the change in the rainfall forecast, the flooding, mud and debris flow forecasts have also been revised. At this time, no significant flooding, mud or debris flows are predicted for the Altadena burn areas, but because there could be periods of heavy rain, please continue to exercise caution and stay alert to the conditions around you, especially in those areas already known to be impacted during storm events.

ROAD CLOSURES – The road closures announced in the last update remain in effect. One additional closure of note in Altadena is the closure of the gate on Chaney Trail near the National Forest boundary.


MT WILSON RED BOX RD FROM VIDEO RD TO ANGELES CREST HY – Beginning at 2:00 am, Sunday, December 19 Other public roads in the Angeles National Forest may be subject to closure due to mudflow/debris deposition at numerous locations below the burned hillsides.

EVACUATIONS – CLOSURES The Millard Canyon Campground was ordered closed by the Angeles National Forest. If you want to see the current forecasts issues by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, here is the link: If you have questions, please let me know. As always, stay safe!

From Carolyn Seitz:

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works has released the following information about anticipated rainfall and potential for flooding, mud and debris flows and road closures:

For La Canada/Flintridge and the Altadena burn areas:

Rainfall amount expected between 4:00 am this morning and 4:00 am tomorrow morning – 0.2 inches

Potential for flooding in the burn areas or mud and debris flows – None anticipated

Road closures – No new road closures are anticipated

Additional or updated information will be provided as available.

The “mud forecast” information provided by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works is online here:

Greg Stanton has some shots of the flood in action this morning.

Here’s some more from AltadenaAboveitAll’s outing.

“I was in my house and heard this horrendous noise. I thought it was thunder. We looked down at the creek and saw the trees tremble and then fall down.”

That’s what my pals Bob Reid and Greg Downs who live on Canyon Crest said this morning as the water in the arroyo let loose, topping the sides of the banks and propelling rocks and boulders down the canyon.

Caught in the mudflow was Rueben Ruiz and Brandon Leon and his dad, each in different trucks. Ruiz, heading down the canyon, suffered the worst. His truck completely spinned sideways, into the Leon’s truck, mud covering his roof. Ruiz had to climb out of the passenger window, getting covered in mud himself.

“I have a house up at the top that I am restoring. I was on my way down and got caught. Had to climb out that window. I can laugh now.”

Take a look at the pix. What a mess. Even Univision TV showed up to document the event.

Posting one now, more later and some over on

Driving up Fair Oaks and what do I see while the sky is pouring on us?

My friends bob and Greg on Canyon Crest tell me the water has washed out the hairpin turn and the road is closed.

Here are their pix.

Bill Westphal says we’ve had nearly 2-1/2 inches of water since midnight.