From Carolyn Seitz:

Wednesday, an Altadena family suffered the loss of their child, a beautiful 3 year old girl named Katherine, in a tragic accident.

It is devastating for them and it was for the Altadena Sheriff’s Deputies and Captain McLean who arrived on the scene shortly after the accident occurred.

This family does not have the means to pay for a funeral for their daughter and Captain McLean, the leadership team at the Altadena Station, and the Deputies are asking for your help.

You can help in one of three ways:

Drop money off at the Altadena Sheriff’s Station and tell the person at the desk it is for the fund for Katherine.

Go to the car wash being planned for Saturday, July 2 at 11 am at the Carl’s Jr., 790 North Lake Avenue in Pasadena

Go to Wells Fargo Bank and make a deposit to the fund for Katherine’s funeral.  Here is the info:
“Katherine Lopez Donation” Acct #73-21253424

Any help will be gratefully appreciated by this family.