January 2011

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The Wedding Cake, or Beckman Auditorium, is the site of today’s TEDxCaltech. Saw Larry Wilson of the Star News at lunch–he’s soaking it all up and thrilled that this is happening in his hometown.


Even ed begley made it…sort of


Richard feynman gave a talk at caltech 50 years ago that revolutionized science in many ways. Tedxcaltech posts homage his incredible mind and entertaining personality. See his van and hear the music of Tuva (A feynman favorite) this afternoon.

Did you know noted physicist Richard Feynman was an Altadena resident?


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Beautiful day for a gathering of great minds at Caltech. More posts throughout the day as time and technology permits. Also tweeting today @tedxcaltech

Today’s the day!

Filmed this last night as the amazing tech crew was wrapping up rehearsals and testing for the day.

Here’s tech director “JD.”



Event co-organizer Mary Sikora directs volunteers in stuffing gift bags for lucky guests

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