December 2009

From Carolyn and the Sheriffs:

Greetings to you all,

As many of you on the east side are aware, there was a prolonged search for a burglar yesterday, and that suspect is in custody.

He is the burglar who likely burglarized a house on Porter the night before and then again around 6 am on Sunday. 

The suspect used the wash between Altadena Drive and Mendocino to move through the area, although his car remained on Porter.

It was good work by the deputies that led to the arrest, and good information and observation from all of you makes an invaluable contribution. 

Keep up the good work and stay safe!

Also, lost dog update: I found the owners and Prince is once again safe at home. Apparently there’s a hole in the fence he enjoys exploiting.


Was out walking my own pup this morning when an adorable Pekinese rambled upon us. Once i was able to get to his collar, there was what looked like a handwritten phone number, but it had a letter in front of it. Tried the number, didn’t work. Sorry for fuzzy pic, but low light and he moves a lot!

I’ve posted some flyers on Glenrose with my number. He’s well trained and clean. Getting along with my menagerie just fine. Tried to walk him around the neighborhood hoping someone would see him, or he would recognize his house, but no dice.

Please let me know if you have any leads. Wanna get this guy home before we become attached!

From Carolyn and the Sheriff’s station:

Warm greetings of the season to all, even on a cold, rainy day!

Here’s your reminder to not be a victim of criminals this year.

It is being reported, although not yet in Altadena, that teams of people are again following FedEx and UPS delivery trucks, collecting what the delivery trucks drop off on porches.

If you’re expecting deliveries, consider asking a trusted neighbor to watch out for the delivery vehicles to show up.  Most of us recognize the windows of time in which the trucks usually arrive.  Ask a neighbor to collect your packages for you.

We can all keep a close eye out for suspicious vehicles as well.

Don’t let the thieves spoil your season of giving by giving in ways you didn’t intend.

* * * * * * *

And here’s another tip: If possible, have your packages sent to your office. –DSP

Here is some useful info from our supervisor’s office.

DATE: December 10, 2009


ARCADIA, CA – County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich and County pest
management experts remind residents in the foothills and near the recent
wildfire burn areas to be cautious about wild animals that may have been
displaced by the Station Fire and subsequent debris flows.  Coyotes,
mountain lions, bobcats, bears, and other animals may find their way
into residential areas looking for food, water and shelter.

The best way residents can prevent wild animals from frequenting
residential property is not to leave any food outside. This includes pet
food, and pets themselves, which wild animals may consider food. Pick up
fallen fruit on your property and harvest your gardens regularly. It is
important to keep garbage containers tightly covered. Residents should
never intentionally feed wild animals, as doing so creates a danger for
residents and teaches the wild animal to depend on humans.

Additional Safety Tips:

● Do not approach wild animals, even small young ones, no matter how
“cute” the animal appears.
● Consider hiking, biking or jogging with a partner.
● Try to avoid jogging or hiking near wildlife areas when wildlife is
most active: dusk, nighttime, and
● Keep a close watch on small children.
● Clear brush and dense weeds on your property.
● If your property is infested with rodents, consider control
measures as rodents can attract hungry

For immediate threats or serious injury, call 9-1-1. For concerns over
sightings or evidence of wild animals, contact one of the authorities
listed below.

County of Los Angeles Pest Management
Coyote Information:
Or, for more information on coyotes, rodents, or similar pests, call
(626) 575-5462 (Monday through Thursday, business hours)

California Department of Fish and Game (Mountain Lions, Bears,
Keep Me Wild:
(916) 322-8911

County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care & Control
Wild Animal Information:
Shelter Information:
Pasadena Humane Society
(626) 792-7151

Glendale Humane Society
(818) 242-1128

San Gabriel Valley Humane Society
(626) 286-1159

Established in 1881, ACWM protects consumers and the environment
through early detection and exclusion of dangerous, invasive insect and
plant pests; enforcement of laws and regulations regarding safe
pesticide use; operation of an environmental toxicology laboratory;
clearance of weeds, brush, and debris from vacant land to reduce fire
hazards; inspection and verification of accuracy of scales, meters,
price scanners, and quantity labeling on packaged goods.
# # # #

This piece sold last night!

So far the show is going great! Come on out to 2475 N. Lake Ave on Saturday 12-8 or so with a potluck BBQ, and Sunday 12-6 with a potluck brunch!