Bob Stane Says:  If you are in Southern California, turn on your TV and tune to
Channels 2 (CBS), Channel 7 and Channel 5.  Tonight.  Right now for CBS, Channel 2.
It is a great story on a huge gift on my birthday.  A great surprise for me.
It is a fork.  Channel 2 is running a “teaser” on it about every 20 minutes and they have
wished me “Happy Birthday” on screen.
At 5:00 P.M. I will be featured in an interview along with Ken Marshall, who is the tinker who made the fork.
I love forks and Ken made one just for me.  Blessings on you Tiny Ken.
Kudos to Ken.  See the shows for details.
I hope it will be amusing.
This is a leaning moment on “Publicity.”  Repeat:  Publicity.  Take note.
During the 6:00 P.M. news shows Channel 5 and Channel 7 will run their interviews.
I know you thought if I got huge tv news stories it would be something really disgraceful and something
that would land me in prison.  Well, it is not over yet.  Permission and permits did not enter into this “stroke.”
It may, or may not run during the “late news” on all stations if you are still awake.
If you are in the San Gabriel Valley, The Star-News did 3/4 page on me and the Far West
award, and my somewhat colorful life (fortunately the do not know everything).  Definitely
the Star-News have it, and I suspect the entire newspaper chain ran it.  Also, a picture story on “the fork.”
And where is the spoon and the dish?  The mystery deepens.
Bob Stane, The Coffee Gallery Backstage