Good News: Copters are flyin, water is droppin

From Carolyn Seitz:

Many of you may be aware that the fire continues to move east and is growing.  Flames are reported to be 50 to 70 feet in height, especially in the dense, brushy areas where the brush may also have been 20 feet high.

The Meadows area is under mandatory evacuation orders.

I understand that La Vina may also be under mandatory evacuation orders.

Chaney Trail has not yet been ordered evacuated, but they are prepared.

Millard Canyon was evacuated over the course of Thursday and Friday.

I hear from Alice Wessen that Muir High School has been set up as the evacuation site.  That should mean that the Red Cross is there and set up.

The Sheriff’s Department has many additional resources working up here to try to control the volume of looky-loos who want to see and/or photograph the fire.  Windsor, and many other streets in West Altadena were choked last night.  Nina Ehlig described it as looking like a big tail gate party on Windsor.  The bridge over the Arroyo was also choked with vehicles and people.

It’s important to keep evacuation routes clear, so please resist the temptation to tour West Altadena and the westerly end of North Central Altadena.

Please keep all of our friends and neighbors in your thoughts.