My friend Robyn called me today to tell me about the mountain lion she found in her backyard at 2 a.m.

She’s at Olive and Poppyfields. Said the very large cat stayed for about a half hour in her yard, possibly lured by opossoms in her area. I’ve seen an awful lot of lost cat posters around town, so keep your pets in while the cats are out. They’re hungry and thirsty.

Also prowling around Altadena are, well, prowlers. A lot of them.

Heavy reports of burglaries from cars and houses are being reported. These seem to be gang related. A team cruises neighborhoods, knock on doors during the workweek. If no answer, they try and get in through the backyard. If you’re home, don’t open the door. They may ask if their friend lives there, or they may say their car broke down, or any other ruse. Respond by denying help to let them know you’re home, and call the Sheriff’s station. Also call the Sheriffs if you see any suspicious people in your neighborhood. They may be walking, in a car or on bicycles. They may be male or female.  If you don’t recognize them, let the Sheriff check them out.

Stay safe!