August 2009

LA County Fire confirms that the mandatory evacuation for The Meadows, La Vina, and Chaney Trail has been lifted.  That also applies to the area of Altadena from Loma Alta North and Lake Avenue west.

If you live in the Chaney Trail area, you may not have driving access to all parts of your area. 

Please continue to abide by the requests of law enforcement and do not block streets for any reason.


Here are pix from today. KNX says by morning probably 100,000 acres will have burned. Two firefighters killed. Eighteen homes lost. And a lot of frayed nerves.  Mt. Wilson in protection mode. Animals being evacuated to Pierce College. Here’s to a better Monday.

From Carolyn
LA County Fire’s evacuation orders for Altadena not lifted.

They’re still in place.

Sherrif’s will notify neighborhood leaders when evac orders are lifted.

Full list of evacuation centers and fire info. But don’t try to find much on the fire news on this station. They’re more concerned with their regular programming. Ugh.—Shelter-Info/5109032

Just some links to check for info:

Weather info:

National Fire Info, Station Fire incident with maps:

The Station Fire is also referred to as the La Canada Fire and the Altadena Fire, depending on where you live!

89.3kpcc radio has photos (including some of mine!)

More fire briefings:

Mt. Wilson Web cam:

KPCC is staying on top of things. Fire Dept. briefing at 10am and Gov. Schwarzenegger is being briefed by CalFire at the same time. Effort underway to protect the transmitters at Mt. Wilson and the Acton area.

Talked with kpcc today about what’s going up here in Altadena. If you’ve got a story to tell, let them know.

No point in calling this the La Canada fire when it’s over Altadena. Here are some more pix from today. I’ve got still more to post, but tomorrow. I’m beat. Fun, crazy, scary day.

Geez Loueeeez

Car read temps up to 113 out there this afternoon. Bloody hell! Saw some magnificent drops of fozcheck and water. So many aircraft up there I’m amazed they stay out of each other’s way. And Cal Fire trucks everywhere. Altadena doesn’t usually have this many fit young men in its midst. Lots of testosterone hard at work. Thank you, thank you, thank you. More pix coming shortly.

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