Wrote this at 2am Friday but didn’t post.

Been a while since I just wrote and wasn’t linking to an event or news item. It’s after 3 am. Can’t sleep. Had to put my kitty to sleep yesterday. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes and sympathies. Cheri was one funny cat.  Being a lilac point Himalayan, she had a lot of beautiful white fur, and she loved heat. It wasn’t always good for her.

When I adopted her from a shelter in Escondido in 96-97, she had faint scorch marks on her fur from sitting too close to the stove. She wasn’t injured, just a little superficial singe. She managed to set herself on fire while with me a  few times, usually by sitting too close to a Christmas party candle. She’d sleep on or in plastic bags, boxes, containers, whatever. Never knew where you’d find her snoozin. The tom cats didn’t dare get near her, she’d whack ’em. My kinda cat!


I hear a police helicopter overhead. Glad to know they’re on the job. Things have been a little jumpy in Altadena lately. I attended the Community Action Committee meeting this week and got updates on gang and other activity. The good news is our councilman, Mike Antonovich, has approved more funding for gang control over the summer. The most troublesome areas are around Lincoln/Woodbury.


Our garden gave us the first fruit of our labor this week. Ok, the first vegetable. Two beautiful fat pickling cucumbers. Tomatoes are thriving, blueberries are struggling a bit, squash is blooming, arugula is hearty. It’s just so satisfying to go into your own yard and pick something for dinner. I need to go talk to the woman down the road whose front yard veggie garden is impressive. She’s using hay and has beautiful racks (I’m sure there’s another name!)  for the veggies to climb. Think she’ll share some secrets with me?  We can only hope.

Ok, back to bed.