Bob Meyer, the Altadena Town Council Election Chair has sent this reminder to all Altadenans to get out and vote this Saturday!
The election is scheduled for this Saturday, June 6, and will be from 9 AM to 3 PM. There are eight positions up for election (one from each census tract) and the candidates are as follows:

4601 – Phillip Barela
4602 – Bill Westphal
Herbert Simmons
4603.1 – Dennis Bridwell
4603.2 – Kenneth Roberts
4610 – Gene Campbell
4611 – Cynthia Tilleman
Gaurav Malhotra
4612 – Harold Bissner
4613 – Lorie Judson

We have seven polling places throughout Altadena. J & S Auto (Allen and New York), Dickson Podly Realtors (Altadena Drive and Crest), Farnsworth Park, Ralph’s Grocery, Altadena Main Library, Alta Loma Park and Gordy’s Garage (West Woodbury).

Altadena Town Council doesn’t get a lot of press, and frankly, many of our fellow Altadenan’s are either unaware or don’t think it’s that important. The reality is that they have influence in many facets of our community, from land use issues to traffic and roads as well as other local/neighborhood issues. And the stronger the Town Council, the more influence they will have. Given the precarious situation we find ourselves in with our state and local budgets, it is imparative that we have a strong council to represent our interests.

The best way I can sum up why it is important to vote in the upcoming election is as follows:

Why vote in the Altadena Town Council Election?

Altadena Town Council gives us all a collective voice with all of our local governmental agencies. For the Council to be effective, it needs two important elements. First, the confidence of the government that the council is competent and connected to the residents. Second, the confidence of the residents that it represents their views. Your involvement in the selection of your representative is critical to both of these elements necessary for the Council to be successful on your behalf.

Thanks for your help in spreading the word on the election. I encourage you to drop me a note at this email address if you have any questions. bmeyer2140-at-sbcglobal-dot-net

Bob Meyer
ATC Election Chair