June 2009

Dear Ms. Swanson Patrick:

Thank you for contacting me regarding your support for cancer awareness in prospective health care reform legislation. I appreciate hearing from you and welcome your input.

There are at least 47 million citizens in the United States who are uninsured, and approximately 50 million who are underinsured. In these trying economic times, with increasing job lay-offs and the skyrocketing costs of private health insurance, I believe it is a moral and economic imperative that everyone should have affordable health insurance-regardless of where they work, their income, their age, or their health status.

As you know, cancer has surpassed heart disease as the number one cause of death of Americans under 85 years old, striking one out of every two men and one out of every three women. With an increasing number of people with cancer needing comprehensive care, it is crucial that we bolster our efforts to invest in this area. We must make sure that health care coverage is available and affordable for all Americans, and we must make aggressive research efforts to find better treatments and a cure.

You may be interested to know that I am a cosponsor of the Assuring and Improving Cancer Treatment Education and Cancer Symptom Management Act of 2009 (H.R. 1927), that would provide for Medicare coverage of comprehensive cancer patient treatment education services. Additionally, the bill would expand, intensify, and coordinate research programs within the National Institutes of Health directed towards improving the treatment of symptoms and side effects associated with cancer and cancer treatment.

I certainly understand the need for improved coverage and care for those who currently have cancer and for preventative care for those at risk to contract cancer in the future. Please be assured that I will keep your views in mind as the House considers comprehensive health care reform legislation.

An on-going job of a Representative in Congress is to help constituents solve problems with federal agencies, access services, and get their questions answered promptly. On my website, I offer a detailed guide to the services my office can provide to you as a constituent. I also encourage you to subscribe to the Washington Update, my email newsletter which contains information on local events, my work in Washington, and even lets you weigh in on important issues through online polls. Visit me online at http://schiff.house.gov to subscribe. Please know that you can always reach me at (626) 304-2727 or via my website if I can ever be of additional assistance.

Thank you again for your thoughts. I hope you will continue to share your views and ideas with me.


Adam B. Schiff

Member of Congress


I forgot to post this over the weekend. Way to go Susan!

My veggie garden is the size of a postage stamp, but hope to see it grow next year. I’ve long admired the Altadena Community Garden but never seemed to have time to do that. Silly me. What a great way to get to know people.

Wrote this at 2am Friday but didn’t post.

Been a while since I just wrote and wasn’t linking to an event or news item. It’s after 3 am. Can’t sleep. Had to put my kitty to sleep yesterday. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes and sympathies. Cheri was one funny cat.  Being a lilac point Himalayan, she had a lot of beautiful white fur, and she loved heat. It wasn’t always good for her.

When I adopted her from a shelter in Escondido in 96-97, she had faint scorch marks on her fur from sitting too close to the stove. She wasn’t injured, just a little superficial singe. She managed to set herself on fire while with me a  few times, usually by sitting too close to a Christmas party candle. She’d sleep on or in plastic bags, boxes, containers, whatever. Never knew where you’d find her snoozin. The tom cats didn’t dare get near her, she’d whack ’em. My kinda cat!


I hear a police helicopter overhead. Glad to know they’re on the job. Things have been a little jumpy in Altadena lately. I attended the Community Action Committee meeting this week and got updates on gang and other activity. The good news is our councilman, Mike Antonovich, has approved more funding for gang control over the summer. The most troublesome areas are around Lincoln/Woodbury.


Our garden gave us the first fruit of our labor this week. Ok, the first vegetable. Two beautiful fat pickling cucumbers. Tomatoes are thriving, blueberries are struggling a bit, squash is blooming, arugula is hearty. It’s just so satisfying to go into your own yard and pick something for dinner. I need to go talk to the woman down the road whose front yard veggie garden is impressive. She’s using hay and has beautiful racks (I’m sure there’s another name!)  for the veggies to climb. Think she’ll share some secrets with me?  We can only hope.

Ok, back to bed.

Here’s some info from the Sheriff’s Department.
There was also a story in the Star-News.

Many of you are aware that there was a shooting at Lincoln and Figueroa yesterday.

The shooting was gang related. (Two battling Bloods — Ed.)

One person was shot in the behind.

Three people were arrested, including the gunshot victim, who may have made an effort to discard a loaded weapon.

The combination of gang affiliation and weapons will likely add additional charges for all three of the people arrested.

The suspects were driving a vehicle that had been reported stolen and some had additional outstanding warrants.

Here is the text of the RLF flyer. Please see my previous post as well.



Relay For Life of Altadena

June 6th –7th 2009

Farnsworth Park, 568 Mount Curve Dr


1.800.ACS.2345                        www.cancer.org


What is Relay For Life?

Relay For Life of Altadena will be a fun and unique 24-hour event to increase cancer awareness while raising much-needed funds for the American Cancer Society’s patient service programs, cancer research, advocacy and community education. Teams composed of 12 to 24 people formed by local businesses, community groups and friends & families will be raising funds before the event. At relay, team members take turns walking around the track, relay-style and enjoy fun activities and entertainment off the track.

We Honor Survivors

Survivors are invited to join us as our honorary guests in the Survivors Lap, which begins Relay For Life. Cancer Survivor’s strength and courage help the community see that cancer survivorship is real- that we are making progress in the battle against cancer.

Teaming Up for the Fight…How you can help!

  • Form a team. Teams come from businesses, clubs, families, hospitals, faith-based groups, schools and service organizations.
  • Join us for our Survivor and Caregiver special activities
  • Volunteer to help with the event. What better way to give back, than to volunteer! Join the Event Planning Committee.
  • Become a sponsor. Show your community that you care!
  • Become a volunteer for some of our other local programs and services such as Road to Recovery, Look Good Feel Better, Man to Man, Reach to Recovery and many more!

Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.

American Cancer Society

Relay For Life of Altadena

For more information about Relay For Life please contact Sarah Eagle on 626 372 9456 sarah.eagle@cancer.org

The first event of its kind in Altadena, the Relay for Life should be a powerfully emotional experience for all. Here’s some information from a friend of mine on the luminarias that can be lit in honor of a friend or loved one.

I a luminaria lit in honor

Hello friends – I’ve been invited to be the evening speaker at Altadena’s FIRST Relay for Life, Saturday to Sunday, June 6 – 7. If you would like to join us in celebrating, remembering and fighting back – please come to Farnsworth Park in Altadena this weekend!

Relay for Life is a project of the American Cancer Society and is all about “celebrating, remembering, and fighting back against cancer.” It’s a 24-hour sponsored walk done by teams. Each team commits to having one of it’s members walking on the “track” for the entire 24 hours. There will be entertainment, information booths, and food the entire time. There are beautiful ceremonies at 9:00am, 9:00pm on Saturday and again at 9:00am on Sunday. And, I’m humbled, grateful, and honored to be able to be a part of it! I know it’s short notice, but if you want to form a team for walking, that’s an option too. I’ve attached the website link and a flier so you can learn more.

Let me share a bit about the Saturday evening ceremony in particular. Words will be short and sweet, bagpipes will play, and luminarias will light the track. A friend of mine, artist Karen Bagnard, has worked with others to create the luminarias. The luminarias can be in honor of anyone who has cancer or who has survived cancer or to memorialize someone who has died. She says: “If you would like to have a luminaria lit for someone in your life, please email me (Karen Bagnard – mermaidart@att.net ) the particulars and indicate if you prefer a white luminaria or a colored one. We suggest a donation of $10 but any donation is welcome. If a donation is not possible at this time, please send me the information anyway. Your luminaria will still be lit.” Karen will be walking with her team, the Soroptimist Strutters, and hopes to raise $2,400 for the American Cancer Society. Please consider making a donation to American Cancer Society and mailing to her: Karen Bagnard, 517 Wapello Street, Altadena, CA 91001. Every donation, no matter how modest, will help fight this disease that has touched each of our lives.


Peace, love, and sweet life to you all – M.

Melissa Johnson, Ph.D.
President, Psychologist (PSY13102)
Institute for Girls’ Development
A Psychological Corporation

Bob Meyer, the Altadena Town Council Election Chair has sent this reminder to all Altadenans to get out and vote this Saturday!
The election is scheduled for this Saturday, June 6, and will be from 9 AM to 3 PM. There are eight positions up for election (one from each census tract) and the candidates are as follows:

4601 – Phillip Barela
4602 – Bill Westphal
Herbert Simmons
4603.1 – Dennis Bridwell
4603.2 – Kenneth Roberts
4610 – Gene Campbell
4611 – Cynthia Tilleman
Gaurav Malhotra
4612 – Harold Bissner
4613 – Lorie Judson

We have seven polling places throughout Altadena. J & S Auto (Allen and New York), Dickson Podly Realtors (Altadena Drive and Crest), Farnsworth Park, Ralph’s Grocery, Altadena Main Library, Alta Loma Park and Gordy’s Garage (West Woodbury).

Altadena Town Council doesn’t get a lot of press, and frankly, many of our fellow Altadenan’s are either unaware or don’t think it’s that important. The reality is that they have influence in many facets of our community, from land use issues to traffic and roads as well as other local/neighborhood issues. And the stronger the Town Council, the more influence they will have. Given the precarious situation we find ourselves in with our state and local budgets, it is imparative that we have a strong council to represent our interests.

The best way I can sum up why it is important to vote in the upcoming election is as follows:

Why vote in the Altadena Town Council Election?

Altadena Town Council gives us all a collective voice with all of our local governmental agencies. For the Council to be effective, it needs two important elements. First, the confidence of the government that the council is competent and connected to the residents. Second, the confidence of the residents that it represents their views. Your involvement in the selection of your representative is critical to both of these elements necessary for the Council to be successful on your behalf.

Thanks for your help in spreading the word on the election. I encourage you to drop me a note at this email address if you have any questions. bmeyer2140-at-sbcglobal-dot-net

Bob Meyer
ATC Election Chair

Latest details from Ben:

Featured Artist- Kathi Oshima

Artists Include:
Cathy Tharp, Lauren R. Tharp, Bright, Joe feinblatt, Nancy Armitage, Richard Davies, Karen Sachs, Evans NJoroge, Todd Bank, Christian Velasquez, Rick Strieck, Christy Roberts, Matt Carter, Adrianne Walker, Jeannie Pool, Amber Bilow, Alex Scheafer, Joseph Stauffer, Peter Adamyan, Michael Gibson, Deborah Blanco, David Goldberg, Jeni Carle, Lisa george, Jeffrey R. Kibbe, Kathleen Swaydan, David Von Noppen, Eve Kessler, Dorette Amell, Dave Lovejoy, Johnny Fox, Ngene Mwuara, Kai Samuels-Davis, Matt Foote, Kristen “Blaze” Carley and Ben McGinty

Performances by:
Thursday- Crane Lake Serenaders
Friday- Wreck n Sow and Alamase Arabesque with drummer Rick Sarabia

Dj Radiant Child


The arts is really where my heart lies. Along with the environment. So I’m thrilled to see this is going to be another artfest at the Gallery at the End of the World. In fact, it’s Art Bender Weekend!
2475 N Lake Avenue, Altadena 91001
(626) 794-8779
June 4, 5, 6, & 7 daily from Noon-6PM as well as
Thursday June 4th 6-9PM, Artist Reception and Preview and Live Music
Friday June 5th Opening Reception 7PM-1AM ($5 cover) with Live Music
Saturday June 6th Potluck BBQ
Sunday June 7th Brunch

I’ll likely be there Friday, so hope to see you!