In light of Photography by Walt’s Project Altadena using disposable cameras, thought this NYT article was worth noting. Polaroid may be back!
I remember when my dad brought home our first Polaroid camera. An Air Force pilot turned airline pilot, he was always an early adopter. First new car on the block, first color TV, buying houses in the frame stage, you get the picture.

So when he brought home that first Polaroid my sisters, mom, and I stood gaping as he removed the picture, peeled back the paper, and we watched it develop in front of our eyes. Then we had to apply “fix” with a sponge cartridge to prevent fading. It really was magical. We’re talking 1963. It was even more fun than the miniature camera he carried in his pocket. It was disguised as a pack of Camels (which he smoked). Made him seem like James Bond to me. (Dr. No had just come out in 1962.)

Now those are moments I wish I had pictures of!

Check out the history of Polaroid here.