It’s nice to be back in the Altadena community loop after taking a brief time out to tend to my husband’s health.

First, hubby’s doing well. Cancer’s a crazy journey but so far all is going as well as possible at City of Hope.


Got some good info from the Sheriff the other night. We’re all aware of the recent shootings and increased gang activity.  The sheriffs have been all over it, as have other units like COPS.  Please be sure to report any suspicious activity to the station, 798-1131.

Here are a few random things I learned the other night. Did you know…

You can’t park a car in the same place on a public street for more than 72 hours?

No parking of commercial vehicles is allowed on public streets anywhere in Altadena? Apparently a lot of them are being parked on Fair Oaks near Woodbury. The badged men in khaki will be out with citation pads.

Check out for the latest crime info in Altadena, and anywhere else.

This Sunday at 2:30p.m. the Sheriffs Memorial Torch Relay Run for fallen officers concludes at the Altadena station. A barbeque and fun is on the celebration docket.  

Also, you can check out to see the latest news bulletins from the Sheriff’s office for the Altadena area.

And good news from C. Jake  at the Altadena Chamber of Commerce:

On Wednesday, May 27, the Chamber will hold a reception to present scholarships to two Blair IB Magnet High School seniors, Kyoko Harris and Jordan Mitchell. Congratulations! Education is the answer. I’m a member of the Elks which awards more scholarships than any other organization except the U.S. Government.  To attend the reception or get more info, contact the Chamber at 626-794-3988.

Over and out for now…