May 2009

Tomorrow's Altadena Heritage of Abundance Poster

Tomorrow's Altadena Heritage of Abundance Poster


In light of Photography by Walt’s Project Altadena using disposable cameras, thought this NYT article was worth noting. Polaroid may be back!
I remember when my dad brought home our first Polaroid camera. An Air Force pilot turned airline pilot, he was always an early adopter. First new car on the block, first color TV, buying houses in the frame stage, you get the picture.

So when he brought home that first Polaroid my sisters, mom, and I stood gaping as he removed the picture, peeled back the paper, and we watched it develop in front of our eyes. Then we had to apply “fix” with a sponge cartridge to prevent fading. It really was magical. We’re talking 1963. It was even more fun than the miniature camera he carried in his pocket. It was disguised as a pack of Camels (which he smoked). Made him seem like James Bond to me. (Dr. No had just come out in 1962.)

Now those are moments I wish I had pictures of!

Check out the history of Polaroid here.

Here’s a great story on Michele Zack and the Altadena Heritage event tomorrow, Altadena Heritage of Abundance. Hope you’ve read her book on Altadena. Available at Webster’s.

Of course, we’ll be out of town. Why does this happen? Every time we decide to go somewhere there’s something great happening right here! But I will be at Altadena Junction tonight for the art opening there!

Try out the local fare next week in Old Town.

From June 1st through 8th, local foodies and visitors can indulge in the best of Old Pasadena’s award-winning restaurants, and help feed those in need at the first ever Old Pasadena Restaurant Week. More than 25 of Old Pasadena’s finest restaurants have joined together to offer you several delicious options for three-course lunch and dinner menus at one great fixed price.
10% of event proceeds will benefit Union Station Homeless Services, celebrating 35 years of helping those in need.


Thanks to the efforts of Ben McGinty, Lance Anderson, Websters, other great business owners, and I think all of us bloggers and communicators up here, North Lake is seeing some action! Check out the Star News story if you missed it.

July 1 begins Project Altadena at Photography by Walt. More details on altadenablog. This is going to be fun!

I saw this on Tim Rutt’s and I’m passing it on.

Molly at Photography by Walt is organizing Project Altadena, a community photography project.

She’ll be giving out disposable cameras beginning June 1. Participants will drop off the exposed cameras to her for processing. She’ll create a wall of 4×6 prints. And if you have your own camera, it’s ok to process and print your own.

The one rule is that you must work or live in Altadena.

So come on out to document the incredible world of Altadena! I do it on my other blog,

Contact Molly at What a great summer project. No dates in place yet. Stay tuned!


It’s nice to be back in the Altadena community loop after taking a brief time out to tend to my husband’s health.

First, hubby’s doing well. Cancer’s a crazy journey but so far all is going as well as possible at City of Hope.


Got some good info from the Sheriff the other night. We’re all aware of the recent shootings and increased gang activity.  The sheriffs have been all over it, as have other units like COPS.  Please be sure to report any suspicious activity to the station, 798-1131.

Here are a few random things I learned the other night. Did you know…

You can’t park a car in the same place on a public street for more than 72 hours?

No parking of commercial vehicles is allowed on public streets anywhere in Altadena? Apparently a lot of them are being parked on Fair Oaks near Woodbury. The badged men in khaki will be out with citation pads.

Check out for the latest crime info in Altadena, and anywhere else.

This Sunday at 2:30p.m. the Sheriffs Memorial Torch Relay Run for fallen officers concludes at the Altadena station. A barbeque and fun is on the celebration docket.  

Also, you can check out to see the latest news bulletins from the Sheriff’s office for the Altadena area.

And good news from C. Jake  at the Altadena Chamber of Commerce:

On Wednesday, May 27, the Chamber will hold a reception to present scholarships to two Blair IB Magnet High School seniors, Kyoko Harris and Jordan Mitchell. Congratulations! Education is the answer. I’m a member of the Elks which awards more scholarships than any other organization except the U.S. Government.  To attend the reception or get more info, contact the Chamber at 626-794-3988.

Over and out for now…

Of course I have to work through most of this. Why do things you really want to do all happen on the same day?
Friday May 15, 2009
5:30-7:00 PM
Bring a raffle prize to promote your business
(or just to be nice)
Steve’s Pets
2395 N. Lake Avenue
Altadena, CA

Free admission!

In conjunction with Altadena Arts Coalition and the business owners of North Lake Avenue Business District the Altadena Chamber of Commerce will be participating in the Open House on Lake with a booth in front of Steve’s Pets from 4PM to 9PM.

If you can’t make the mixer hours; stop at the Chamber booth, browse Steve’s Pet store and enjoy snacks and a warm welcome.

Cold drinks (Water, soda, beer & wine) will be available for purchase within the store.

Shop Altadena First!

Businesses participating in Open House on Lake include: Coffee Gallery, Ronnie’s Automotive, Steve’s Pets, Gallery At The End of The World, Altadena Junction, Webster’s Pharmacy, Webster’s Liquor, Webster’s Fine Stationers, Karen’s Hallmark, Photography by Walt, Altadena Hardware and more (look for the balloons).

Sorry to have to relay this report. I heard the shots last night just before I went to bed. Then heard the sirens and helicopter overhead. More info to come.

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