From Carolyn Seitz and the Sheriffs:


We are being told that census takers will be in neighborhoods for 2 separate reasons.

The first is that they will be walking through neighborhoods in an effort to develop a good address list and to look for multiple units so the actual census taking effort is more effective.

I believe they are already in our neighborhoods gathering that information.

They will be carrying hand-held computers with gps devices.  The first round – those out identifying addresses will be in our neighborhoods from April 6, 2009 through June 19, 2009.

The Census takers will have a red, white and blue identification badge that will also say CENSUS ENUMERATOR, and will include the name of the person on the front, as well as their picture.

These actual census takers, or census enumerators, will be walking the neighborhoods between April 1, 2010 and some time in July, 2010.  They will be out making an effort to contact households that did not return the questionnaires that will be mailed in February, 2010.

The Sheriff’s Department is urging all people concerned about whether they are seeing actual census takers should call the Altadena Sheriff’s Station at 626 798 1131 and let the person answering the phone know that there are strangers going door to door.  It may be better to let the Sheriff’s deputies determine that the people in their neighborhoods are the actual census takers.

The flyer attached also includes the phone number for the Regional Census Office in Van Nuys.  It is 818 267 1700.