So, on April 1st my husband and I celebrated our third anniversary. Yes, we got married on April Fool’s Day. I highly recommend it. Makes for an instant great time. And we were married right here in Altadena in the Davies Building at Farnsworth Park. Amazing how that room can be transformed. You saw it in the film Dirty Dancing and I’m sure didn’t recognize it!

On Thursday my husband went in for an MRI because he’s been having horrid back pain for several months. Nothing showed up on xrays. Pain medication, chiropractic and accupuncture weren’t helping.

He went in for the MRI at 8 am and by 3:30 I was on the phone getting him registered as a new patient at City of Hope. Tumor in one kidney and something suspicious on his pelvis. I mean, talk about rockin your world in all the wrong ways. So we’ve been in shock since, just trying to figure out all the things we need to do before the reality of treatment hits us. Tomorrow we see the City of Hope doc. It’s ironic and comforting for me because I worked there for 14 years. But to return as a patient, beyond getting mammograms, is surreal. I’m certainly not the first employee or former employee to experience this, I’m sure. But it’s very strange. Thanks to all my friends who have expressed and shown their support–with emails, calls, cards, flowers and even champagne. We’re holding onto that until we have some really good news to celebrate.

Stay tuned…