April 2009

From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on May 2 and May 3, JPL will open its doors to the public for an event featuring exhibits, displays, demonstrations, and presentations about the laboratory’s ongoing research, space exploration, spacecraft communication, and more. There will be special hands-on activities designed just for kids, food and beverages will be available, and admission and parking are free. No backpacks, large bags, or ice chests are allowed, but small purses and diaper bags will be permitted. Visitors, vehicles, and personal belongings are subject to inspection. For more information, go to http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/events/open-house.cfm.


From Carolyn Seitz and the Sheriffs:


We are being told that census takers will be in neighborhoods for 2 separate reasons.

The first is that they will be walking through neighborhoods in an effort to develop a good address list and to look for multiple units so the actual census taking effort is more effective.

I believe they are already in our neighborhoods gathering that information.

They will be carrying hand-held computers with gps devices.  The first round – those out identifying addresses will be in our neighborhoods from April 6, 2009 through June 19, 2009.

The Census takers will have a red, white and blue identification badge that will also say CENSUS ENUMERATOR, and will include the name of the person on the front, as well as their picture.

These actual census takers, or census enumerators, will be walking the neighborhoods between April 1, 2010 and some time in July, 2010.  They will be out making an effort to contact households that did not return the questionnaires that will be mailed in February, 2010.

The Sheriff’s Department is urging all people concerned about whether they are seeing actual census takers should call the Altadena Sheriff’s Station at 626 798 1131 and let the person answering the phone know that there are strangers going door to door.  It may be better to let the Sheriff’s deputies determine that the people in their neighborhoods are the actual census takers.

The flyer attached also includes the phone number for the Regional Census Office in Van Nuys.  It is 818 267 1700.


Where? When? More details???

Hi everyone,

The thing about having a blog is that you feel you need to update it a lot to keep it a happening thing. And then life comes along and slams you into a new reality and updating your blog goes from something that used to be a fun challenge to do in between work and other activities, to something nearly impossible. Right now I can’t keep up with local events. I know they’re happening, but I’m not making the connection to post them here.

My head’s focused on the things I have to do to get my husband and I through the next few weeks and making sure I take care of me in the process. Sitting here to write takes about all the concentration I can muster. I jump from one thing to another. The longest activity I’ve done is go to Sadhana at The Awareness Center in Pasadena Saturday morning with Steve. We usually do yoga in the morning at home, but going to Sadhana is a completely different, sacred, loving experience. And it’s so great to get up at 3:30 am, be out when the world is still, have two hours of protected connection to the universe, then have breakfast and climb back in bed for an hour!

I became a yoga teacher four years ago, and it’s been one of the greatest blessings in my life. I love teaching but I have not been doing it lately due to work, my volunteer activities, and pursuing my photography. So it was a total pleasure to go back to the AC for a healing class with a former retreat mate, see Steve take such a deep interest, go to Sadhana, and hold a healing circle for him last Thursday.  Gisela, who owns the studio, and Ravijot, who works there, created a warm environment for 13 of our friends, plus Steve’s son, sister, and mother who came to help in his journey. The words, emotions, and realizations were profound. What struck me is that when I started teacher training I never thought it would lead to bringing so many special friends together in this way. Most had never been in a yoga studio, let alone be exposed to the energy of a healing circle. Some were scared, some were moved beyond words, all were honored to have been there. It was a joy to feel the real love in the room. If you want to check out the Awareness Center, visit www.awarenesscenteryoga.org.  Take a class, a workshop, attend a Sacred Breathing Circle –whatever–just go. In addition, for the best in chiropractic care with a spiritual/yoga core, see fellow Altadenan Dr. Santokh Khalsa on Lake Ave. He founded the Awareness Center and teaches there.

So for now my head is wrapped around things other than what’s happening in Altadena, but I’m looking forward to getting back into all things Altadena soon. It just may be with a new view.  So check out Tim Rutt and Altadenablog and Monica Hubbard’s weekly blasts for the latest events up here. I’ll stick to updating my other blog, Altadena Daily Photo, as my therapy for a while.

Stay tuned…

You know I’m an avid photographer and head off on a trip to play shutterbug whenever possible. Well here’s a link to

Chiaroscuro Photo Workshops


Ok, I’ve had some major things on my mind the past week. But I’ve still been noticing things. And one of them is the massive amount of bees around here. Has the curious bee shortage turned around? Just check the nearest Pride of Madera (those lovely purple cones) or pink ladies. The bees are abuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Altadena Station









Altadena Sheriff’s Station invite you to ANONYMOUSLY exchange your unwanted firearms for $200, $100 and $50 gift cards


* to a local business

No Questions Asked – No Strings Attached

You Remain Anonymous

$200 for Assault Weapons

$100 for Working Firearms

Join Us April 25, 2009

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM*

In the Parking Lot at 737 E. Altadena Drive

Across from Altadena Sheriff’s Station / Altadena Community Center

Individuals Coming to the Program: Transport Your Firearms Unloaded in the Trunk of Your Vehicle.

At the Event, Please Remain in Your Vehicle and a Deputy Will Direct You.



So, on April 1st my husband and I celebrated our third anniversary. Yes, we got married on April Fool’s Day. I highly recommend it. Makes for an instant great time. And we were married right here in Altadena in the Davies Building at Farnsworth Park. Amazing how that room can be transformed. You saw it in the film Dirty Dancing and I’m sure didn’t recognize it!

On Thursday my husband went in for an MRI because he’s been having horrid back pain for several months. Nothing showed up on xrays. Pain medication, chiropractic and accupuncture weren’t helping.

He went in for the MRI at 8 am and by 3:30 I was on the phone getting him registered as a new patient at City of Hope. Tumor in one kidney and something suspicious on his pelvis. I mean, talk about rockin your world in all the wrong ways. So we’ve been in shock since, just trying to figure out all the things we need to do before the reality of treatment hits us. Tomorrow we see the City of Hope doc. It’s ironic and comforting for me because I worked there for 14 years. But to return as a patient, beyond getting mammograms, is surreal. I’m certainly not the first employee or former employee to experience this, I’m sure. But it’s very strange. Thanks to all my friends who have expressed and shown their support–with emails, calls, cards, flowers and even champagne. We’re holding onto that until we have some really good news to celebrate.

Stay tuned…