It’s always a treat to take a little blogging break because when you return WordPress has made more changes. Like new stats. Highlights of incoming links and all blogs linked. It’s a lovely thing.

So, I hope you all know by now about the upcoming Blogger’s Picnic on March 28, 12-4, Farnsworth Park. It’s a potluck, so along with whatever food you’re bringing, remember cutlery, etc. We’ll have some backup supplies for emergencies. In fact, we’re even going to have raffle prizes! Thanks so far to Bob Stane at the Coffee Gallery Backstage and my hairdresser Bethany at the Aveda Salon Andalucia in La Crescenta. If you have something to contribute, please let me, Tim Rutt (altadenablog), Karin Bugge (Altadenahiker) or Susan Carrier (Open Mouth, Insert Fork) know. Now get out there and garden! I’m off to get some plants and flowers myself.