It will be the art event of the year! Ok, not quite. But it will be a heartfelt exhibit of some Caltech brainiacs — and the rest of us February 23-26.
I will be showing some new photographic work that hardly anyone beyond my husband has seen. Of course I have a million ideas and can only implement a few for the show, so come on down to see them.
When: Monday, February 23 1-3 p.m.
Tuesday, February 24 through Thursday February 26, 10am to 3 p.m.
Note that during these times you can vote for your favorite work. Wonder who that’ll be…
Then on THURSDAY FROM 3-4 PM, join me at the awards reception and find out who won! Not that anyone is in this to win, that would never happen. Ever.
Where: Caltech, Dabney Hall

Let me know if you want any other information. Hope to see you there!