August 2008

Just when I thought politics couldn’t get any worse (though we certainly now have some drama), McCain chooses Annie Get Your Gun for VP.  She’s like a throwback to the 1800s.  I know it doesn’t matter much here in Democratic California, but here’s a link to show your support of the Blue Team.

Click this link to get a free Obama/Biden sticker — even the shipping’s free.


Below is a link to the latest Pasadena Star News story on Lincoln Crossing. What a pathetic waste of an opportunity to improve West Altadena. I know the story runs deep, and accusations abound about the misbehavior of the County of Supervisors, the developer, and who knows who else. Plenty of fingerpointing going around, but who’s going to clean up the mess?

The meeting with the Altadena Coalition will be held at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 12 at the Altadena Community Center, 780 E. Altadena Drive.

Caltech has done it again. I’m proud. I work there. Researchers have discovered how to properly swat a fly for maximum chance at death. Of they fly, that is.  Here’s the link to the press release.

Here’s a notice to start your Sunday…Got a notice from Carolyn Seitz that thieves are cruising conventional mailboxes. Don’t want your identity or credit cards or money stolen? Get a locking box, a PO Box, or an in-door/in-wall type so your mail goes into your house.

With the best of intentions I accepted a treadmill from my mother-in-law. It has a digital calorie burning counter, etc. available. It works great, we just don’t have the room.

So this is your lucky day. Please let me know if you can use it.
Deadline is Saturday, Aug. 30.

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