But he just let it out of the bag! Here’s an email from him about his days as a motorcycle club photographer. As a fellow shutterbug, I love this!


Some of you know this about me, but most don’t.

Before Shirley and I got together, I spent nearly two years riding (actually in my MG-B) with the Chosen Few Motor Cycle Club in the Los Angeles area… followed them with my cameras and back and white (Ilford) film.

It was the most incredible experience… a fully integrated (not just race, but economic integration…. drug dealers and arsonists to PhDs and businessmen).

Had a great time, and learned more about life than from any other experience I’ve ever had since.

This past year, several of the Few found me and asked if I’d donate some of my pictures to a project they were working on.

Here’s how you can view my pictures:
1.    Go to http://www.chosenfewmc.org/

2.    Click on ‘Enter”

3.    On the Left Hand Side, click on “Few History”

4.    About 75% down the page, find “More Chosen Few Historical Pictures  – By Elliot ” Camera Man ” Gold” (or just search for “Elliot”)

5.    Click on the spark plug on the left hand side

6.    Hit the “play” button

7.    Watch the pictures

I am honored that they put my pictures up… enjoy!

Elliot “Camera Man” Gold