No, not me. The show at Pasadena Playhouse. Here’s a link to my review on Let’s just say Valerie Harper is amazing.

In my past life I reviewed theatre for about 15 years and now I’m ready to review again, now and then, not the pace I used to. At one point I worked full time and saw three to four plays a week and wrote as many reviews and a weekly column in the Santa Monica Outlook. Yikes. That’s why I can’t stand to rest my arms on armrests any longer. Like nails on a chalkboard. I have to have a sweater or something to pad the surface.

Yet this week I’m also off to see that unsinkable Debbie Reynolds, a former Miss Burbank who used to ride her bicycle around the El Portal and proclaim that one day she would be a movie star, in her one-woman show at El Portal Theatre. The good news is the seats are sold out and I’ll be sitting on a chair!

I’ve also got a couple of friends in the news. Links to them later.