Friday, June 6th, 2008

Ok, I wish I had been documenting the price increases over the past year. In Death Valley in March one station was selling gas for $5.50 a gallon. But they’re out in the boonies so it wasn’t that nuts. On May 27, near Oakland, we thought $4.19 for regular was pushing it. We got home to see it was that price here, too. I’ve seen the prices increase from evening to the next morning and from that morning to that evening, so two increases within 24 hours. Yesterday the AMPM on Lake was $4.27, today it is $4.33. We’re driving slower, using less air conditioning,  planning trips a little better, probably foregoing a July 4th trip north. Just thankful we work near home.


What are you doing to protect your pocketbook?


Altadena could have the perfect nursery for our climate!

With kind permission, from notes from Carolyn Seitz per Alice Wesson

Condensed for the listserve
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Re: Status of the townhouse development that was
proposed for Fair Oaks between Ventura and Kellogg

While this project had wide ranging support from the
community and unanimous support from the Los Angeles
County Regional Planning Commission, negotiations
between the developer and the Cemetery Board broke
down and the cemetery made the decision not to sell
the property.

The developer had to withdraw their project.

The Cemetery Board has been approached by someone with
a new idea they’d like to develop on that property, at
least on the portion of the property that is between
Ventura and Mountain View.

A gentlemen, who has had a long history at the former
garden center  called Hortus, in Pasadena, wants to
develop a garden center on that property, similar in
character and feel to Hortus, but with a primary focus
on native and drought tolerant plants, the things that
thrive in our Mediterranean climate.

The property has 3 different zoning classifications –
C-3 which is major commercial along the Fair Oaks
street frontage, R-2 (multi-family) in the middle and
the western most portions are zoned R-1-7500, meaning
single family residential, 7,500 square feet minimum
lot area required.

Ultimately they’d like to have this garden center on
the entire parcel, but to do that would require a zone
change.  Their proposed is permitted on the C-3
portion of the property, but not on the R-2 or
R-1-7500 portions.


Will keep folks updated as developments evolve

Here is a link to the Green Pasadena Leadership Summit program taking place at the Pasadena Convention Center this weekend. This event focuses on green technology, with speakers from JPL/Caltech (Dr. Charles Elachi) and many more.

I’ll be there Saturday evening drooling over great Altadena gardens. See ya there???? I should have posted this sooner, sorry! I’ll have photos.

Announcing Altadena Heritage’s 5th Annual Garden Party and “Golden Poppy” Garden Awards to be held Saturday, June 7, from 5-7:30 pm.
The Golden Poppy awards are given annually to recognize community members whose gardens improve and maintain the character and quality of Altadena.  

Celebrate Altadena’s most beautiful gardens with wine and cheese in the garden of Anita and Chris David.
Admission is $15 at the door for members. Admission is free for new members who join at the door ($30 annual membership fee). Cash or checks only, please.
RSVP to or 626-797-0054. We will contact you with the address for the event.

And Sunday is the McNally House Tour. Great stories to be told, I’m sure. Here’s the link to the Star News story.