This came in from My2cents, Ed Myers, so I’m putting it up top so you won’t miss it. Whuddya think?

Since this is an older topic, I don’t know if anyone will read my post…however, I agree with all that’s posted so far. I wonder what residents will support? Meaning, why isn’t there a decent (not fast food) place for dinner? People go down the hill to Pas or La Canada or Sierra Madre (why can’t we be more like that place!). Oh yeah, big thumbs up to the new check cashing place! Like we need another business like that, or the “smoke” shop next to Rancho bar or the 3 liquor store (EZ stop, Lindsey’s,websters on the same corner or that “retraining school”, w/ the blacked out windows (across from Rancho) that LAUSD rents. We live in a community far from a frwy, that prevents out of towners from partaking in our businesses, which in turn, doesn’t bode well to attract new, dynamic businesses that would better serve the community. Lincoln Crossing is a nice start but upper lake needs some work. Most of the business owners don’t own the buildings so bldg improvements are rare. Longterm business owners means you don’t have to improve the bldg to attract new businesses. On top of that, 1/2 of Altadena probably isn’t fond of change (1/2 moved up here 40 yrs ago it seems) and clash with younger people who are looking for more support services. There are 42K people up here….