Courtesy of Timothy Rutt at the Altadenablog who put this info together!

Seats on the Altadena Town Council will be up for election Sat., June 21.

Polling Locations: Polls open 8 AM-6 PM.
Loma Alta Rec Center – 3330 Lincoln Ave.
Farm Fresh Market – 2260 Lincoln Ave.
Gordy’s Garage – 843 W Woodbury Rd.
Altadena Library – 600 E Mariposa St.
Farnsworth Park – 568 E Mt. Curve Ave.
Ralphs Market – 2270 Lake Ave.
Coffee Gallery – 2029 Lake Ave.
Altadena Golf Course – 1456 E Mendocino St.
New York & Allen intersection

Candidates by census tract:

4601 Eugene Sund (incumbent, unopposed)

4602 Mabel Duncan (incumbent)

Okorie Ezieme

Regina Grimes

4603.01 Walter Olszewski (incumbent)

Alice Wessen

4603.03 Dr. Sandra Thomas (incumbent, unopposed)

4610 Bobby Thompson (incumbent)

Tecumseh Shackleford

Rev. C.R. Tillman

4611 Allan Wasserman (incumbent, unopposed)

4612 George Lewis (incumbent)

Ruth Neilan Edwards

4613 Susan Goldman (incumbent, unopposed)