I should have been writing about this all along, but haven’t for some odd reason.

In February my husband and I dug up our rosebushes and replaced them with lettuce, beets, arugula, tomatoes, herbs and sweet peas. We had bought a lot of other seeds, but didn’t have enough room.  I was worried about foraging rascals of the wild coming to dine on our feast, but none appeared. We’ve eaten all but one head of lettuce, planted way too much arugula and are waiting for the tomatoes and beets to mature.

It’s been a joy to have a vegetable garden again. Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle was a bit of a spur to get us going, plus the roses were looking rather pathetic the past couple of years. It is our small effort at being more self reliant and eating healthier. We’re considering reclaiming a stretch of our lawn for cultivation, as well. We have too much lawn sucking up too much precious water. That effort will probably have to wait until next year.  We’re opening up Steve’s new office here in Altadena and trying to complete some home improvements that are desperately needed.

In the meantime I’ll support the new Altadena Farmers Market in addition to the one in La Canada and go visit the community garden on Lincoln to see what they’re up to over there.  Garden on!!