I’ve been loving all the exotic sounds filling the hills of late. Birdlife is everywhere, including my yard. The other day two hummingbirds were flying around while we ate dinner outside, and now it’s obvious why. This morning my husband discovered a hummingbird nest low in our backyard sycamore tree. Beautiful little thing. 








So this little gem, along with the parrot squawks, woodpecker pecks, peacock coos, crow cackles and a pair of mockingbirds doing their Deliverance routine, and whatever songbird likes to sing most of the night, makes Altadena — a helluva noisy place to live! In a good way, of course…

We ran out and bought a new feeder to make sure the mother-to-be doesn’t have to go far for her energy. Now I need to study up so I know what to expect for the expecting!