From the LBNelert — would like to see more sources on this. But some common sense advice we can all follow and improve the situation: avoid using chemicals in your yard. No pesticides, no weed killers, no poisons. Use natural alternatives and work with nature instead of trying to fight it. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re not winning.

WHY FLOWERS HAVE LOST THEIR SCENT: Pollution is dulling the scent of flowers and impeding some of the most basic processes of nature, disrupting insect life and imperiling food supplies, a new study suggests. The potentially hugely significant research – funded by the blue-chip US National Science Foundation – has found that gases mainly formed from the emissions of car exhausts prevent flowers from attracting bees and other insects in order to pollinate them. And the scientists who have conducted the study fear that insects’ ability to repel enemies and attract mates may also be impeded.