From Carolyn Seitz

Greetings to you all,

People in the Northeast part of Altadena/Pasadena, Sierra Madre Villa area, are reporting theft of valuables from vehicles in their garages – and the garage door was open.  Not sure if these incidents are happening during the daytime or night, only that they report having left the garage door open and returned to discover that keys, wallets, cell phones or other valuables were missing.

In the same neighborhood, they’ve also observed young men with backpacks going through trash cans and recognized that these young men were likely not collecting recyclables.

This same neighborhood has also experienced theft from mailboxes and failed to report these incidents to the Altadena Sheriff’s Station or to Pasadena Police Department.

Here’s your reminder to shred mail or other documents before you deposit them in your trash, even junk mail that has your name on it, credit card solicitations or anything else that might in some way be used to steal your identity.

An even more important reminder – call the Sheriff’s Station – 626 798 1131 when you spot what appears to be suspicious activity in your neighborhood, and please report any incidents that occur – including theft from mailboxes, theft from your automobile or any other criminal activity.