It’s time for me to speak up on a few subjects. The first is aimed at the otherwise lovely Canadians. Clubbing and shooting of baby seals makes me want to throw up.  Here’s a Humane Society letter to forward  — with a link to a petition to support the EU ban on trading in seal products.  Cut off the market and save the creatures. Have a heart and please sign and forward…

Dear Friend,

The European Commission is considering proposing a ban on the trade of seal products in the European Union. Several countries have already ended their trade in seal products or announced their plans to do so. By closing down markets for seal products, we can ensure no more seals are clubbed or shot for their fur.

I hope you’ll sign a petition in support of an EU ban on trade in seal products. It only takes a minute. Thanks for joining me in ending these cruel seal hunts. Here is the link: