My so so funny pal Paula Johnson has a special night coming up in Arcadia. Here’s her invite to The Joke Gym. Don’t miss it, Paula’s got a mouth that’s faster (and a lot funnier) than Elliot Spitzer’s resignation.
“Last month, Scott Shimamoto and I launched The Joke Gym, a twice-monthly open mic comedy show held in the back room of Zapata Vive Mexican Restaurant in Arcadia.

The first two shows were lots of fun, but the next show will be really great if we can make one little change: a bigger audience!

And by “bigger,” I mean an audience that outnumbers the comedians.

Open mic nights are an informal way for comedians to try out new material, so you never know what you’ll hear. At The Joke Gym, we present up to 15 comics in the open mic, and then close the show with a few handpicked comedians.

Each performer gets just five minutes on stage, so it’s fast-paced night. I’ll be MCing on Thursday, March 20, so you know things will zip right along.

There is no cover charge or drink minimums, but you can order drinks or food if you’d like.

I’d love to see some familiar faces in the audience. If you can’t make the next show, feel free to drop in on the 1st or 3rd Thursday of any month. If you have friends who live or work in the Arcadia area, please share this Evite with them.

Visit our website,, for more details and a link to our blog. For the inside story on my accidental stand-up hobby, see my comedy site.”