That Captain Blow. What a character. Can’t say Blowhard, cuz he talks from enthusiasm and the desire to tell you as much as he can get out — and that’s a lot. The State of Altadena meeting tonight was a true service to the community. All aspects and responsibilities of the station staff were explained with time for lots of questions. Here’s a brief recap.

CALL. That’s it. got a question? complaint? request? observation of suspicious activity? Call, that’s right, CALL the station! Let them know. That was the answer to nearly every question the other night — You’ve got a friend — call! What’s the number? 626-798- 1131.

Did you know?

All calls to the Sheriff’s station are taped? (but you can stay anonymous — just tell them)

The Altadena Sheriff’s station has 68 staff members, 7 of which are civilian? That doesn’t include gang, drug and COPS officers.

COPS stands for Community Police Services? These officers take care of parking and other community issues that drive you crazy.

The Altadena Mountain rescue Team is the oldest and most active in the area? They performed 52 rescues in 2007, logging more than 800 team hours. This year they were at Mountain High for the avalanche rescues and they went to New Orleans for Katrina.

In addition to the Explorer program for high achieving youth, there is a cadet program at Eliot Middle School  for those needing extra tutoring?

You can call and request vacation patrols while you’re away?

Altadena sheriffs have a 60% solve rate for crime? The average is 36%.

More later….