Some of you know my passion for all things aeronautic. Thanks to my dad’s career as an airline pilot, I’ve flown in a glider, taken two intro flying lessons, risen high in a hot air balloon and covered the balloon festival in Albuquerque, covered the women’s world record skydiving record. Here’s the latest: Flying in a skydiving wind tunnel! I swear, so fun. You just let yourself fall into the wind and fly! I joined three of my husband’s work associates in Orlando to leave gravity behind for a few minutes and get blasted! That’s what happens when you’ve got 120 mph wind blowing you around.

I understand there’s one of these units at CityWalk now, so I say GO! GO! GO! I just hope you get a better looking ensemble to wear than I did. Crap.  Sorry for big photo, my editing software took a dive, too!