There are two particular trouble cars on my street. They come from somewhere above Las Flores and scream down Glenrose on a regular basis. One is a black Honda with a for sale sign in the back window, another is an older dark (green or blue) Suburban. The Suburban has already hit one dog, my neighbors, but luckily the pet glanced off and wasn’t hurt. But the jerk driving is still speeding. He and the Honda were racing each other Tuesday as I came home from work, squeezing themselves between parked cars BY THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.

I’ve been to the traffic committee about speeders, as my cat Trixie was killed about a year ago. I wasn’t successful in getting speed bumps or stop signs installed, but did get more speed limits signs installed. It’s not enough. I can’t believe how fast people drive down a residential street, filled with pets, children and students!

Who has dealt with this problem successfully? I’d love to get something done.