A couple of quick notes about this new very indie movie…

I talked with Bobby Roth, the director and old friend of mine after watching a clip on the website www.berkeleythefilm.com. He was just starting to work on TV’s Without A Trace. He’s also directed about 10 episodes of Prison Break.

“That was your kitchen Henry Winkler is in, isn’t it?” “Yeah, that’s right, it is! You’re only one in a few people who would know that!”

In this autobiographical film, one of three Bobby has done, his son Nick plays the lead role, as a young Bobby at Berkeley in the 60s, embracing all the turbulent decade had to offer — including the sex.

“Did he have as much fun as you did?” I asked.

“Not with his father directing him! But he got to kiss a lot of girls.”

His favorite? not so fast…

I have more insights on this little film that’s looking to a nationwide release with Laemmle — so get out and see it this weekend. I’ll post more tidbits later. Peter Coyote and Springsteen both have good things to say about the movie. Yes, they’re friends of Bobby, but what better friends to have, eh?

See my other post below with more details.